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Automotive Cyber Security Market Forecast 2015-2025: The secure Connected Car

Over the next decade, as automobile-driving progresses from Connected and Assisted to highly and fully-automated, the protection of the vehicle’s augmented ‘’attack surface’’ will become a top priority for carmakers and regulators.

Competition in the Automotive Cyber Security Market and Leading Suppliers of Software, Hardware-based Solutions and Services in 2015

This 38-page report delivers a snapshot of the competition in the Automotive Cyber Security marketplace in 2015. It also provides insights into its evolution over the next decade drawing conclusions from a panel of industry experts and our in-house expertise.

Global Automotive Battery Market Forecast 2015-2025 for EVs & Hybrids: Sales & penetration of Lithium-ion, Nickel-Metal Hydride, Standard & Advanced Lead-based batteries for Electric Vehicles, Hybrids, Micro Hybrids & Conventional Powertrains

The development of the Automotive Battery market is paramount for the automotive sector since batteries serve different automotive applications in both Conventional and Alternative Powertrains.

Global Automotive Powertrain Sales Forecast 2015-2025 by Engine Fuel Type: Sales of Gasoline, Diesel cars and Alternatively-Fuelled Vehicles (Hybrids, Electric Vehicles, Natural Gas Vehicles, Flex Fuel and Other Fuel)

This Report assesses that the global Automotive Powertrain distribution will change significantly over the next decade driven by stricter emission regulations and increasing consumer awareness over the fuel-efficiency advantages of AFV.

Market Status 2015 and Roadmap of Adoption for Automotive Cyber Security Solutions during 2015-2025

This 49-page report identifies the drivers that will fuel growth in the Automotive Cyber Security market over the next decade and provides a roadmap of adoption for Cyber Security solutions for Connected Cars. Additionally, it delivers an insight into the evolution of the market landscape, drawing conclusions from a panel of industry experts and our in-house expertise.

Rankings and market shares of Top Tier-1 ADAS Suppliers 2015 & forecast 2016-2020

ADAS, systems that assist but not substitute the driver for safety, convenience and conditional autonomy, constitute Level 1 (feet-off) and Level 2 (hands-off) of vehicle automation as defined by the NHTSA. This means that they pave the way for Autonomous Vehicles (AV) and Self-Driving Cars (SDC). Level 3 (eyes-off) falls into the NHTSA’s definition of partial automation rather than ADAS.

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