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Competition in the Automotive Cyber Security Market and Leading Suppliers of Software, Hardware-based Solutions and Services in 2015

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This 38-page report delivers a snapshot of the competition in the Automotive Cyber Security marketplace in 2015. It also provides insights into its evolution over the next decade drawing conclusions from a panel of industry experts and our in-house expertise.

What this Report Delivers

Who are the leading suppliers of software and hardware equipment in vehicle cybersecurity?

Which companies offer key services and what partnerships are being formed?

Identify the leading companies within Automotive Cyber Security by reading the 14 company profiles together with their service and product portfolio of:

  • Argus Cyber Security
  • Arilou Technologies
  • BT Security
  • Cisco Systems
  • ESCRYPT Embedded Systems
  • Intel Corporation
  • NXP Semiconductors
  • Red Bend Software
  • SBD & NCC Group
  • Secunet AG
  • Security Innovation
  • Symphony Teleca & Guardtime
  • TowerSec
  • Utimaco GmbH

Understand the company dynamics by reading 2 exclusive interviews with SBD and TowerSec

Conclusions of our findings and recommendations for key stakeholders


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