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Global Automotive Battery Market Forecast 2015-2025 for EVs & Hybrids: Sales & penetration of Lithium-ion, Nickel-Metal Hydride, Standard & Advanced Lead-based batteries for Electric Vehicles, Hybrids, Micro Hybrids & Conventional Powertrains

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The development of the Automotive Battery market is paramount for the automotive sector since batteries serve different automotive applications in both Conventional and Alternative Powertrains.

What will change over the next decade?

We assess that during over the next decade, the increasing model supply by OEMs, complemented by additional investment in charging infrastructure and government incentives for the substitution of traditionally-powered cars with EVs, will increase consumer demand, eliminate the ‘’range-anxiety’’ and close the retail price gap between ICE and Electric Drive models. Evidence of increasing consumer demand are already observable in China where combined sales of BEV and PHEV tripled to 74,763 in 2014 from 14,828 in 2013 respectively.

The enhanced demand for electrified, micro-hybrid, and full-hybrid powertrains will fuel growth to the automotive battery market between 2015 and 2025 and especially in Lithium-ion batteries, the prevailing battery technology for EVs and Hybrids.

As a result, during 2015-2025, a portfolio of different batteries will be available in order to meet the needs of different powertrains rather than one battery technology dominating the marketplace.

What this report delivers

This report delivers individual forecasts for the market size and penetration of Lithium-ion, Nickel- Metal Hydride, Advanced and Standard Lead-based batteries in global passenger car sales.

By reading this report you will identify which battery technology will prevail in each automotive powertrain in the end of the forecast and how the distribution of Automotive Battery technologies will change during 2015-2025.

What is more, you will gain an insight on battery production and our forecast for the Lithium-ion Battery cost per kWh over the next ten years.

Market Status of the Automotive Battery for Electric Vehicles and Hybrids in 2014 and analysis of its impact on EV and Hybrid global penetration;

Identification of the drivers of growth for the Automotive Battery market for Electric Vehicles and Hybrids over the next decade as well as its restraints;

Penetration forecasts of each one of the Automotive Battery technologies in passenger car sales of the world’s 9 largest car markets during 2015-2025;

Individual analysis of the adoption of battery technologies by powertrain:

  • Conventional vehicles, Micro Hybrids, Hybrids, and Electric Vehicles over the next decade;

Market Size Forecast ($ Billions) of the Automotive Lithium–ion Battery Market during 2015- 2025 coupled with analysis of its growth evolution;

Global & Regional Passenger Car Sales Forecast 2015-2025

Hybrid Car Sales Forecast 2015-2025 in the World’s 9 Leading Car Markets & analysis of their market share in Top-9 PC Sales

EV Sales Forecast 2015-2025 in the World’s 9 Leading Car Markets & analysis of their market share in Top-9 PC Sales

National Automotive Battery Forecasts 2015-2025, including historical sales of EVs and Hybrids and analysis of average battery capacity where possible for:

  • China,
  • the U.S,
  • Japan, and
  • Europe

Identification of the leading automotive battery suppliers for EVs and Hybrids and the positioning in global battery capacity sold in 2014;

Conclusions and recommendations


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