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Global Automotive Powertrain Sales Forecast 2015-2025 by Engine Fuel Type: Sales of Gasoline, Diesel cars and Alternatively-Fuelled Vehicles (Hybrids, Electric Vehicles, Natural Gas Vehicles, Flex Fuel and Other Fuel)

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This Report assesses that the global Automotive Powertrain distribution will change significantly over the next decade driven by stricter emission regulations and increasing consumer awareness over the fuel-efficiency advantages of AFV. This shift towards clean energy vehicles will benefit Alternative Powertrains, i.e. Hybrids, Electric Vehicles, Natural Gas Vehicles, Flex Fuel and Other Fuels over Conventionally-powered cars and push for further refinement of the ICE.

Euro 6 and the EU CO2 2020 target

In detail, the introduction of Euro 6 emission standards from Sept 2015 in all new cars in Europe requires up to 55% lower NOx emissions for diesels while the EU target for average fleet CO2 emissions of 95 g/km in 2020 demands a further reduction of 23% comparing to the 2014 levels paving the way for clean ICE and AFVs. In addition to the stricter emission regulation, purchasers of Hybrids and Electric Vehicles are encouraged with subsidies that can reach up to £5,000 in the UK.

CAFE emission standards and Natural Gas

In the U.S, the Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards target 49.7 mpg for Light Vehicles by 2025 and push carmakers to deliver models with greater fuel efficiency.

Furthermore, subsidies for the substitution of older diesels and gasoline cars with clean energy, combined with the abundant resources of Natural Gas and the strong position of Flex Fuel, are expected to fuel further growth in Alternative powertrains.

Rising demand for AFV in Asia

Finally, the increasing popularity of PHEV and BEV in China, where aggregated sales of AFV tripled in 2014, combined with more than one million sales of Hybrids in Japan, show evidence of increasing consumer awareness of the benefits of AFV in key Asian markets.

Shift towards Alternative Powertrains over 2015-2025

We assess that the outcome of these drivers will be a further shift in car manufacturers’ strategy towards clean energy in the form of clean gasoline and diesel engines but most importantly towards Alternative Powertrains, as they constitute the ultimate solution for energy-sufficient road transportation.

Thus, this report examines the development of global Automotive Powertrains by Engine- Fuel type in passenger cars over the forecast period 2015-2025 and delivers individual forecasts for the sales each engine-fuel type coupled with analysis of the drivers and restraints.

What This Report Delivers

Historical data and analysis of the development of car sales by engine-fuel type over 2005-2014 in the world’s largest car markets by passenger car sales;

Analysis of the drivers of growth for Automotive Powertrains, and specifically the catalysts of the shift towards clean ICE and Alternative Powertrains, during the forecast period including:

  • government regulation: emission standards, targets and stimulus for AFV adoption;
  • consumer demand for classical and alternative powertrains and model supply by OEMs;

Identification of the key geographic areas that present huge potential for growth for gasoline, diesel-powered cars and AFV based on their market structure and outlook over 2015-2025;

Global, Regional and National Passenger Car Sales Forecast over 2015-2025;

Individual Sales Forecasts of Gasoline, Diesel cars, and AFV during 2015-2025 and

Sales Forecast of Hybrids, Electric Vehicles, NGVs, Flex Fuel, and Other Fuel cars in the world’s 9 largest car market by P.C sales excl. Russia comprising:

  • China,
  • the U.S,
  • Japan,
  • Germany,
  • the UK,
  • France,
  • Italy and
  • the European market (EU-28);

Overview of the leading suppliers of Automotive Powertrains concentrating on engines and transmissions and drivetrains;

Conclusions and recommendations on the development of Conventional Powertrains and the adoption of Alternative Powertrains over the forecast period.


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